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Understanding KDE Plasma - Using the Widgets for Maximum Efficiency


KDE is the second most popular open source window supervisor for running systems like Linux and FreeBSD. It has been around for lots of years and just recently going to newer versions. The versions KDE 4 and up is way more different than that of version 3 at it provides a couple of functions that no desktop user interface has really seen before. Without entering into the information of exactly what people like or dislike about the modifications, KDE does have some brand new desktop functions.


In most setups, your desktop bears some icons, files, and folders on it. Typically, the desktop that you see is somewhat connected to a folder. If you modify the products on the desktop or desktop folder, the modifications will be made in both places. Nearly any OS or program you see has this fundamental idea.


KDE 4 altered this. Rather than having a conventional desktop, widgets are used. Numerous desktops do have widgets but everything in KDE 4 is a widget. The idea is that you will have total control over the way your desktop works and that includes moving, and resizing widgets. You do not have the standard desktop with folders and files like you are using now in most systems.


If you miss out on having desktop icons, this is still possible. Include your desktop widget or any folder on your device as a widget to the desktop. This kind of widget will reveal the contents of that folder. If you have several folders on your device you need fast access to, put them all on the desktop.


Besides folders, your standard widgets include clocks, calculators, rss feeds, blog sites, twitter, and others are readily available.Something to note is that using a substantial variety of widgets can slow down a system. It is a smart idea to be using these to a certain degree, just on desktops and laptop computers that have additional resources. KDE 4 actually isn't really a netbook based visual user interface and most likely never ever will be.

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